Are you just a boss, or are you a leader?

Remember the difference between a boss and a leader: a boss says “Go!”, a leader says “Lets Go!”

Are you aware of the difference between a boss and a leader? Consider these ten traits:

  1. boss creates fear in a staff. A leader builds confidence.

  2. boss says, “I”. A leader says, “We”.

  3. boss knows how a job should be done. A leader shows how a career should be forged.

  4. boss relies on authority. A leader relies on cooperation.

  5. boss drives. A leader leads.

  6. boss fixes blame. A leader solves problems and fixes mistakes.

  7. boss rules over the problem 10 percent of the work force. A leader works alongside the cooperative 90 percent.

  8. boss eventually causes resentment to grow. A leader fosters growing enthusiasm.

  9. boss makes work drudgery. A leader makes work interesting.

  10. boss sees problems as disasters that will destroy the company. A leader sees problems as opportunities that a united staff can overcome and turn into growth.

Are you just a boss, or are you a leader?

Ref: Gods Little Devotional Book for Leaders.


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