Responden 2

Melalui Item Soal-selidik survey monkey yang dijalankan sebelum ini, maka data tersebut dianalisa dan data responden/teman responden dikategorikan dalam lima personaliti utama itu. Extraversion (Ekstrovert)Agreeableness (Menyenangkan Perasaan)Conscientiousness(Berhemah)Neurotik (reversed of Emotional Stability-opposite strenght)Openness to Experiences (Berfikiran terbuka).

Responden 2 (Conscientiousness)

Hasil kajian soal selidik responden ini membolehkan saya membuat andaian bahawa responden mempunyai personaliti BERHEMAH. Hasil dapatan responden dalam semua kategori dijelaskan di bawah.

  • Extraversion

You appear to be an introvert — less socially outgoing and more reserved than most other people. Introverts lack the exuberance, energy, and activity levels of extraverts. They tend to be quiet, low-key, deliberate, and less involved in the social world. Their lack of social involvement should not be interpreted as shyness or depression. Introverts simply need less stimulation than extraverts and more time alone.

  • Agreeableness

You appear to hold a generally neutral view of humanity and others — you appear to be somewhat compassionate and cooperative, but also at times suspicious about other people’s motivations. While you see the value of getting along with others, you’ll speak your mind when you feel like it. You probably hope that most people are honest, but are pragmatic enough to realize many are not.

  • Conscientiousness

You have scored quite high in conscientiousness, suggesting you greatly value self-discipline, acting dutifully, and aiming for achievement. You likely have a strong preference for planned rather than spontaneous behavior. You seek to avoid trouble and achieve high levels of success through purposeful planning and persistence. You are also positively regarded by others as intelligent and reliable. Sometimes, however, others may see you as a compulsive perfectionist or a workaholic.

  • Emotional Stability

You have scored higher than many people in emotional stability, suggesting that you are less easily upset and are less emotionally reactive to stressful or painful situations or people. People who score higher on this trait tend to be calm, emotionally stable, and free from persistent negative feelings.

  • Openness to Experiences

You have scored higher than many others on your openness to experiences. This suggests a general appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity, and variety of experience. The trait distinguishes imaginative people from down-to-earth, conventional people. People who are more open to experience tend to be more intellectually curious, appreciative of art, and sensitive to beauty. They tend to be more creative and more aware of their feelings, and are more likely to hold unconventional beliefs.

Hasil Dapatan Teman Responden

Item soal selidik ditanya kepada teman responden dan hasil dapatan soal selidik oleh teman responden adalah seperti data imej tersebut.

Data jawapan teman responden itu pula menunjukkan bahawa responden bukan termasuk dalam kategori conscientiouness tetapi leebih kepada agreeableness. Hal ini menunjukkan bahawa andaian awal saya mungkin tidak benar sama sekali.


Berdasarkan dapatan kajian soal-selidik menggunakan ‘SurveyMonkey’ kepada Responden 1 dan teman responden tersebut, didapati ada korelasi yang signifikan antara bahasa responden dalam facebook dengan personaliti dirinya yang sebenar.



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